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About Me

I've had the travel bug since I was a child.

I never really managed to get any further than the province I was living in as a child but now that I'm an adult, I find myself starting to branch out and get my “travel legs” as it were.​

My first solo trip was in October 2015 when I took a 5 day trip to New York. I couldn’t get enough of it, and I couldn’t wait to get back out there. I was hooked almost instantly. From this drive, this need, Blaze-in' The Trails Media was born.

I am trying to break into the world of digital nomadry and freelancing in order to work from pretty much anywhere in order to give myself the freedom to travel when I want.

In the meantime, I am working on building my brand and presence online through freelance writing and social media.

Goals and Aspirations:

Travel the world and document everything

Create my own media company

Doing what I want to do with life.

Chasing my dreams


Contact Me
Tel: Please email for phone number.

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