Journalistic Ethics

Journalism is in a tough spot these days. Journalists have a duty to report matters of interest to the public. Journalists have a duty to bring news to the public in a fair and unbiased manner. 

Unfortunately, public opinion of journalism and news organizations is as an all-time low because journalists may not take the time to verify a fact or a source, or they may let their personal opinions get in the way.

Listed below are my promises to you as a Journalist. I aim to follow these principles and uphold them to the best of my abilities in an effort to let the public make up their own opinions based on the facts. 

As journalists and reporters, to the best of our ability, I will aim to:


Report information in a fair and unbiased manner

Leave personal feelings at the door when reporting information


Verify all facts before reporting them to the public

Seek out the truth in all forms


Update and follow up with news stories as we are made aware of new information


Protect my source's privacy whenever possible


Provide access to source material when relevant and appropriate


Avoid stereotyping in all of its forms


Keep the original context of all quotes, or clips.


Correct, in a timely manner, any information found to be in error in as transparent a manner as possible with acknowledgment to the error


Remain impartial and unbiased. We will not give favour to advertisers, political parties, individuals or anyone else who may be trying to gain favours with us for any reason. 

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